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I breed Weimaraner  for passion, for passion only....

Our dogs  descend directly and exclusively from the best bloodlines in the world.

I select with the sole intent of improving the breed, choosing for  breeding only  good temperament and excellent quality dogs, according to the dictates of the FCI Standard, using only dogs and bitches  who have reached the mature age, free of dysplasia or hereditary diseases, on which I was able to  verify with my eyes  the qualities of character,appearance and hunting.

I've signed the Code of Ethics of Breeders ENCI, FCI,  and Weimaraner Club of Italy  and I respect  the legislation on animal welfare.

I work seriously and professionally, helped by the best professionals, to prepare my dogs to field trials, hunting and dog shows.

I am convinced that a great dog from the aesthetic point of view should also be great at the behavioral level, at work or at home.

I produce very few litters and sought only the best pedigree.

In the selection process I put particular attention to the temperament:  the puppies from our kennel are therefore suitable  both as a family dog, a hunting companion or a show dog

The dogs of the kennel are in first place "our" dogs,  they live with my family in close contact with us and our friends.

Our dogs can run freely in our  huge park and have access to our house, they  stay in their heated kennels only during the night

I regularly and personally go hunting and FT with my dogs, activities for which the Weimaraner has been selected and that give the dogs a great satisfaction.

I am convinced that this is the ideal condition for  a Weiamraner, powerful and noble hunting dog l but with great sensitivity and an incredible devotion to his master and his family.

Our pups are not for everyone!

Massimiliano Zegna Baruffa